Get a Virtual Address in Melbourne. Go Virtual.

A Virtual Address is a great solution to building a business presence. Your company can be in the centre of the Melbourne CBD within days. Your Virtual Office can be located at a first-class premium Melbourne CBD address, providing immediate status and visibility to your market.

We are the industry specialists for Virtual Offices. Let us establish your Virtual Office using our experienced team. Benefit from our knowledge and the great possibilities and opportunities Virtual Offices can bring.

Our Excellent Locations for your Melbourne Virtual Office

At we have carefully selected office locations that are acknowledged by the business community as renowned and highly respected sites. As professionals we also understand that every business has its own market. A prestigious Melbourne CBD address is not always the best Virtual office solution. It all depends on the image you want to communicate to your customers - a prominent office address in a vibrant suburb can be just where you want to be - at the very heart of your specialised customer base.

All of our Virtual Address locations offer mail collection and many offer 24/7 access for your absolute convenience – and meeting room and co-working facilities are also available at key locations. From the immensely prestigious office address of Collins Square Tower to our key suburban locations at Camberwell and Carlton and many others - review our prime Melbourne Virtual office addresses, check the services and choose the right mail address for you.

Remember all those Business Benefits of a Virtual Office

A Virtual Address is not just a good office solution. It’s a REALLY good office solution. Its so cost effective. It is so future proof. Your company saves all the money that would be spent on long-term locked in office space leases. There are no pressures of bills from utility companies. No costs for cleaners and security. You won’t need to employ your own reception. You don’t need to travel each day to an office - you can be there virtually.

Appearance matters. You may work from home and in the current climate of world pandemics, you aren’t the only one. But appearance matters. That’s a huge benefit of a Virtual Office. You keep your privacy, still work from home, and present an image to your clientele that matches the profile you want for your brand.

So what does your Virtual address really mean for your business?

Your address is searchable on Google Search. Your address can be PROUDLY displayed on your business card. Your Virtual Address can be prominently displayed on your website. Mail and packages for your enterprise can be delivered to your address. You are Physical and Virtual. Future proof.

Thinking Virtual is a Journey? It’s a Path that uses Technology to Re-invigorate Your Company.

Let’s remember those business benefits of your Virtual Office in Melbourne and think about scale and appearance in other ways. Let’s think about communication. You already have the presence of a Virtual Address, but what happens when the phone rings, when the calls come in? The Virtual model means you have upgraded your business address – but why not upgrade communications to your business? You don’t have the time to devote yourself to call answering. You pay your people for more important work than just answering queries. Think about a Virtual Receptionist.

Think about a real physical Australian-based receptionist who is professionally trained in telephone answering and call forwarding. Choose the package. You decide. Calls should be Live answered during weekdays and an SMS sent to your sales team. Done. Callers are greeted by a personalised message that you have defined. Done. Callers feel like they are talking to you and your business. Calls should be Live answered 24/7? Done. You don’t need to be answering your phone all times of day and night when you can free yourself up with a Virtual Receptionist, a local Virtual Reception based in Australia. Brief us on your business. Determine what script should be said to your customers. Let us be you. Virtually. We have years of experience. Relax and let your business benefit from a highly trained professional Australian-based telephone answering service. Be future proof. Be ambitious. Go Virtual.

It’s all here – Your Melbourne Virtual Address.

  • Our Addresses are cost effective and offer your business great savings. Be found and advertise your new address on business cards, websites, Google + account and more.
  • Mail and courier services ensure that your mail is handled exactly the way you want. You can drop into the business centres 24/7 or simply take advantage of our Virtual Office mail forwarding service to have your items sent anywhere in the world. Through business partners like B2BHQ we can also arrange a variety of other services such as printing, web design, business cards and marketing materials.
  • Cloud Office solutions such as 24/7 Virtual Receptionist offers highly professional Australian-based receptionists who will answer your calls promptly in your company name. Calls can be forwarded to you if you're available or messages will be taken and sent to you by SMS and email. Missing important business calls is a problem your business will never have it only takes a few minutes to set up and our friendly team will be answering your calls today. Why not take advantage of our Free 7-day offer!
  • Need an Executive Board Room or Meeting rooms? 440 Collins Street has excellent rooms at competitive rates so you can create the right corporate impression with clients every time and only pay for what you use when you use it. Internet access, catering, and equipment call all be accessed at this prestigious address.
  • Our Assistants can assist with scheduling your appointments and Diary Management, help with your businesses print, design & copy services whenever needed. Offer assistance updating web forms and answer customers' questions based on information you provide.
  • Giving your business a national presence and expanding has never been easier. Whether you're looking interstate for an exclusive address in Sydney, something beach side on the Gold Coast or just around the corner in Carlton give your business the boost it needs. We have over 50 prime locations across Australia for you to choose from.

Flexibility is key, for any business with Virtual Office you only sign up for the services you require, when you require them and for as long as you need them. By taking care of the day to day routine tasks every business has with our professional and reliable services you can stay competitive and focused on what's really important to you that's your Business! Get yourself an affordable virtual office today!

Interested in multiple locations? We can set you up with a virtual office in Brisbane, Sydney or a Perth virtual office for a fraction of the price of a physical office. Take your business national today!

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